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HyperQuestions Founder, Marcus Tarrant
Professional Bio

Marcus has a keen interest in understanding what makes businesses tick and bringing that expertise to those who may not have the benefit of an objective, external perspective. He has assisted more than 100 clients identify new directions for emerging technologies or growth ventures and assisted in communicating the economic benefit of these ventures to authorities and venture capitalists.

Through a commitment to entrepreneurship, game theory and business strategy he has been able to rapidly conceptualise highly complex environments and technologies, reducing the time it takes to get up-to speed on a new client project.

Whilst he started his career in 1994 at US Advertising as a Project Manager, Marcus' skills have since been honed through mission critical roles at Deloitte Consulting, CC Insurances, Offspring Ventures and Business Planning HQ. The highlight of his career occurred 2014 when he leveraged HyperQuestions technology to create business plans for 78 different companies in a single 4 hour workshop. To achieve this result, He developed automated processes to reduce the processing time for a document using HyperQuestions from 2 minutes 30 to under 30 seconds and deployed three high-speed computers running simultaneously. This experience then led him to to undertake further group based planning events for local and state governments in Australia and leading incubator programs globally.

His qualifications, combined with his experience have enabled Marcus to deliver complex consulting services, innovation programs and determine the economics of various critical innovations for high-profile clients. Marcus holds the following qualifications a Bachelor of Economics, Monash University, 1996 a Copywriting Certificate Program, Copyschool 1993 and a Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Swinburne University, 1996. Marcus was inspired and energised by his role at Offspring Ventures where he was leading a team of consultants working on deep technology emerging from Defense, CSIRO and Nicta. This role helped to develop His core skills of interpersonal communication, strategy development and the simplification of complex messaging.

Marcus' skills encompass 1) translating a technology into a complex commercial pathway/business model 2) identifying causal relationships and kpi's that ensure longevity of a solution 3) developing compelling documentation to bring others on a journey to understand an ambiguous future scenario. He felt he was able to contribute beyond his peers at Deloitte Consulting where he was able to sit with the CEO of AXA at 6am and have a presentation ready for presenting to 450 staff by 6pm that day. He has a demonstrated ability to was able to overcome complex communication challenges in a compressed timeframe and find clarity in ambiguous situations.

It is Marcus' extensive experience in entrepreneurship and defining business models that account for the difference between success and failure.  Working with a wide range of different staff, stakeholders and organisations has provided the ability to see issues from multiple perspectives. Marcus is confident that he is able to create an outcome where others fail to produce a direction or result. In looking towards the future Marcus believes his role as CEO of HyperQuestions hasprovided him with a unique opportunity to transform how millions of people think, create content and communicate.

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