Introducing the power of HyperQuestions 

A genuine advancement in the acceleration and virtualisation of consulting services.

HyperQuestions offer a new way for non-experts to create expert level logic and documentation. Every HyperQuestion Toolkit guides the user to meet the exact requirements of their target audience.

Structure and Focus
Zero-in on the key issues that the target audience need to see addressed in the deliverable.

Step By Step Process
Separates the process of thinking from document creation.  Every HyperQuestion process has a clear beginning and end.

Generate Context
Context is created by the user as they progress through a series of funnel questions, ensuring logic is consistent.

Clearer Communication
By separating thinking processes from document creation, sentence construction, paragraph and document structure are sequenced into a communication hierarchy.

"Other methods and solutions I have tried over the years only provide a template or framework to fill in, which more often than not have left me wondering where to start.  They rarely take into consideration the fact that all the elements and facets of  the deliverable are interrelated.  The various documents and output from the HyperQuestion approach exceeded my expectations and their value has been quickly realised."
Neil Movold, CEO, Insight NG Ltd.

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